Interview of NDR with Helmut Reisen on the New Development Bank (BRICS Bank).

Helmut Reisen discusses whether the BRICS Bank will get traction aside the established multilateral development banks.

Re-Measuring the World: China's Global Development Impact

Lecture at "London School of Economics", Tuesday 5 March 2013: China Bashing is back in fashion, not least for China´s development cooperation.  Helmut Reisen will discuss the impact of China´s economic rise on poor countries over recent decades.  Is China merely exploiting resource-rich countries; does it destroy the industrialisation perspectives of poor countries, notably through an undervalued currency; do its export credits push countries with low debt tolerance into debt overhang; and does its neglect of governance issues foster corruption in poor partner countries?  Empirical evidence confronts these concerns and reveals: China is stimulating growth and reducing poverty in Africa and other poor regions.

Shifting Wealth: The power of China and India

Helmut Reisen: The world's economic centre of gravity heads east. Main factor: Growth in China and India over the last decades. Emerging countries are graduating from debtors to creditors. The money is now in the emerging markets.

"China's impact on global wages and inflation will change soon"


Helmut Reisen believes that China's impact on wages and inflation worldwide will morph drastically in the forthcoming years, as both salaries and prices are growing steadily. Mr. Reisen gave this speech at an IIASA conference

Der afrikanische Patient - Wunderheiler China


The main German TV channel "Das Erste" broadcasted on 26. April the 90-minute documentary “The African Patient – Magician China?”, a film for which Helmut Reisen importantly served as academic consultant and interview partner.